October 5, 2017

中秋, 八月十五, 多云

突然好想 “三婆” 一位我很尊敬的前辈。





September 15, 2017

阴天, 周五, 极度坏心情 + 不愤 😠
人家说 “13号”的星期五才是 ~黑色,我也不晓得为什么我的星期五是如此的 “double black"

 “你需要检讨自己尤其是 - 如何沟通囖!!!”

突然感到不平衡的生活方式, 不开心,对任何事物没兴趣, 很烦恼, 很需要正能量。。。


August 14, 2017



今晚,心血来潮。。。好吧 就 “敲敲门” says 一声 “您好, 我回来啦”

January 31, 2013

miserable with a smile

IT IS actually a great page of life
... fluctuated emotion has finally hit to the peak, the day has arrived finally.
Well it has been always in my mind of welcoming this day, heart were tight but still remember rules and principle. Appreciated every dotted which pile up become solid line. missing those days,  by reviewing the flashed back memories it has bring me a smile at least. missing those day and step by step =)

January 13, 2013

realigned roles

"U" do really taken count...
you've definitely played an important character in the chapter of my journey, from the bottom of my heart I feel it and yes I appreciate all these. By saying this I'm sure and I've a jump for my Journey especially from where I've failed. ~ thank you
My wound has now transformed to scar and yet I still very defensive.
...as the unexpected outcome has brought in some impacts, hence the base infrastructure which has been strengthen and  need to be realign again.having a heavy heart, taste of bitter going all the way down from my throat. Departing from the hall and with tears as companion along the way...